The Buzz

My blog--The Buzz-is where I put any updates, news, projects I'm working on, things I'm listening to, what I'm wearing...uh...nope...wrong blog.  Anyway, I won't overly post, but I do invite you to comment whenever you have a question, want to reiterate something, correct me, etc.

Almost Twenty with Troubadour

I was first introduced to producer, sound engineer, artist, and songwriterSteven Collins—by a mutual friend and SCREAM co-producer, Pete Coatney.  After seeing Steve’s Troubadour Studios and hearing his production style, I knew this is where I…

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Pandora's Box Opened for "Royal Redcoat Requiem"

As you know, Pandora is one of the world's largest streaming distributors and a huge digital music listening arm.  (I've used it for years.)  And while it has always held the "digital distribution rights" to my catalog (among other prominent…

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