Pandora's Box Opened for "Royal Redcoat Requiem"

As you know, Pandora is one of the world's largest streaming distributors and a huge digital music listening arm.  (I've used it for years.)  And while it has always held the "digital distribution rights" to my catalog (among other prominent platforms) with all of my releases already sitting within its virtual listening walls, you now have the additional ability to search out my songs and albums directly. 

Oh, and did I mention that I also get paid by Pandora each time you listen to a song?  That's right--they pay me a very small amount per "track listen," but it adds up when you have a growing amount of listeners playing your music regularly. 

One of the way you can access "Royal Redcoat Requiem" on Pandora is by clicking HERE.

I wish you happy jamming on the platform, and please don't forget to "Like" each song!  NOTE:  Because I have such a common name, try search "Royal Redcoat Requiem" first to find this release on Pandora.  I'm working on making this "search process" simpler.  Don't worry...I'm not changing my name, but more to come on this.


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