If Howie Day and Jack White somehow crossed paths at an Elvis Costello show

PRESS REFERENCE: A. McAlpine (excerpts noted below, n.d.)

"Having released four successful albums to date, performed close to 1,000 shows across much of the U.S., and completed four multi-date tours, it’s clear that Dallas-area-based singer/songwriter, Brandon Johnson, is in his element writing, performing, and recording his music.  And while his style has made subtle, but purposeful, shifts through the years (e.g. Americana, Roots Rock, Folk Rock, 60s-esque Jangle-Pop and even Alt-Country), he embraces these sonic sways as his own artistic growth.

Johnson is a firm believer that music should not only move us—but also move us to listen more intently and is not at all surprised when someone grabs onto and begins to share this same belief.  In fact, several years back, when the Entertainment Editor of the local Dallas-publication The Daily Campus reviewed him as an artist, she wholeheartedly concluded that “[Brandon Johnson] is guaranteed to catch the ear of many a music fan…”  He, too, hopes he will grab your attention and move you to listen."